Presentations NuGO Week 2011


“Measuring Health: How to apply nutrigenomics for measuring metabolic health”
Tuesday 6th September 2011
16.00-18.30   Registration and mounting posters
18:30-20.00   Welcome and Session 1: Novel topics / Hot of the press Chair: Michael Müller 18.30-18.45   Michael Müller (Wageningen University, NL) Download Presentation in pdf Welcome 18.45-19.20   Daniel G. MacArthur (Welcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK) Download Presentation in pdf Personal Genomics: From personal genomes to personal health 19.20-20.00   Machteld Huber  (Louis Bolk Institute, NL) Download Presentation in pdf                          Is health a state or an ability? Towards a dynamic concept of health 20.00-21:30   Poster Session 1 and Welcome reception Wednesday 7th September 2011 08:30-10:30    Session 2: Brain & nutrient sensing                           Chair: Sander Kersten 08.30-09.00    Christoph Buettner (the Mount Sinai Medical Center, USA) Brain insulin controls adipose tissue lipolysis and lipogenesis 09.00-09.30    Rajat Singh (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA) Download Presentation in pdf Hypothalamic autophagy and regulation of energy balance 09.30-09.45    Oral 1: Mona Mischke (Charité Berlin, DE) The DNA methylation pattern of proopiomelanocortin (POMC) is stably established in early ontogenesis and influences gene expression 09.45-10.00    Oral 2: X. Zhang (University of Aberdeen, Rowett Research Institute) Amounts and activation status of plasma cell-derived microparticles differ between subjects who are healthy, obese or have Type 2 diabetes 10.00-10.15    Oral 3: Doris Jacobs (Unilever R & D, NL) Green tea extract induces different metabolic responses during rest and moderate intensity exercise 10.15-10.30    Discussion time 10:30-11:00    Coffee/tea break 11:00-12:45    Session 3: The healthy gut                           Chair: Dirk Haller 11.00-11.30    Willem de Vos (Wageningen University, NL/University of Helsinki, FI) Modulation of gut microbiota to improve human health 11.30-12.00    Ciska Wijmenga (University of Groningen, NL) Download Presentation in pdf Role of environment and genetics for gut inflammation 12.00-12.15    Oral 4: Eva Rath (Technical University Munich, DE) dsRNA-activated protein kinase links mitochondrial unfolded protein response to intestinal inflammation in humans and mice 12.15-12.30    Oral 5: Noortje IJssennagger (Wageningen University, NL) Download Presentation in pdf Dietary heme stimulates epithelial cell turnover by downregulating feedback inhibitors of proliferation 12.30-12.45    Oral 6: Lieselotte Cloetens (Lund University, SE) Download Presentation in pdf Methods to assess the effects of prebiotics 12.45-13.00    Discussion time 13:00–14:45   Lunch and poster session 2 14:45–16:30   Session 4: Challenging the liver Chair: Helen Roche 14.45-15.15    Norbert Stefan (University of Tübingen, DE) NASH: When fat becomes a problem 15.15-15.45    Carolyn Cummins (University of Toronto, CA) @Download Presentation in pdf Use of animal models in nutritional physiology and pathology: studies using liver X receptor knockouts 15.45-16.00    Oral 7: Peter Wielinga (TNO, NL) Download Presentation in pdf Beneficial effects of alternate dietary regimen on liver inflammation, atherosclerosis and renal activation 16.00-16.15    Oral 8: Ludger Scheja (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (DE) Download Presentation in pdf Regulation of Liver and Adipose Tissue Lipogenesis in Human Obesity 16.15-16.30    Discussion time 16.30-17.00    Coffee/tea break 17.00-18.30    Session 5: Metabolic health Chair: Marjukka Kolehmainen 17.00-17.30    Patrick Schrauwen (University Maastricht, NL skeletal muscle metabolic health: role of muscle fat, mitochondrial function and lipoxicity 17.30-17.45    Oral 9: Frode Norheim (University of Oslo, NO) Download Presentation in pdf                           Proteomic identification of secreted proteins from human skeletal muscle cells and expression in response to strength training 17.45-18.15    Hubert Vidal (INSERM-Lyon, FR) Download Presentation in pdf Early molecular events of adipose tissue development during overfeeding in humans 18.15-18.30    Discussion time 18.30 Free time Thursday 8th September 2011 8:30 – 10:30   Session 6: Adipose tissue Chair: Christian Drevon 08.30-09.00   Mikael Ryden (Karolinska Institute, SE) Download Presentation in pdf The role of adipose tissue in conditions of weight gain and loss 09.00-09.30   Ling Qi (Cornell University, USA) Adipose Tissue, Inflammation and Obesity 09.30-09.50   Oral 10: Rinke Stienstra (Radboud University Nijmegen, NL) Download Presentation in pdf Absence of Caspase-1 Protects Against Diet-Induced Obesity and Insulin Resistance: Identification of Underlying Mechanisms 09.50-10.10   Oral 11: Helen Roche (University College Dublin, IE) Download Presentation in pdf Exploratory analysis of the inflammed adipocyte secretome to elucidate proteomic signatures of the effect of chronic low grade inflammation on the metabolic environment 10.10-10.25   Discussion time 10:25-11:00   Coffee/tea break 11:00-12:15   Session 7: Metabolomics Chair: Thomas Hankemeier 11.00-11.30   Elaine Holmes (Imperial College London, UK) Download Presentation in pdf Using metabolomics to quantify health 11.30-12.00   Robert E Gerszten (Havard University, USA) Metabolite profiles and the risk of developing diabetes 12.00-12.15   Oral 12: Ciara Morris (University College Dublin, IE) Download Presentation in pdf The relationship between fitness levels and metabolomic profiles in healthy adults 12.15-12.30   Oral 13: Lars Dragsted (University of Copenhagen, DK) Metabolomics in epidemiology – a strategy for analysis of complex human data sets 12.30-12.45   Discussion time 13.00-17.00   Lunch Packages and Visit to Kröller Muller Museum Otterloo (13.00-13.45 16.30-17.15) 17.30-18.00   Drinks and snacks 18.00-20.00   Session 8: Genome health Chair: Sander Kersten 18.00-18.30  Jan Hoeijmakers (Erasmus Medical Center, NL) The impact of genome maintenance on health and disease 18.30-19.00   Christine Könner(University Cologne, DE) Regulation of energy homeostasis and Inflammation 19.00-19.15   Oral 14: Jill McKay (Newcastle University, UK) Download Presentation in pdf Consequences of folate depletion during development for DNA methylation and gene expression in the fetal mouse. 19.15-19.30   Oral 15: Nathan O’Callaghan (CSIRO, AUS) Download Presentation in pdf Colonocyte telomere shortening is greater with dietary red meat than white meat and is attenuated by resistant starch 19.30-20.00   Discussion time 20.30-00:00   Dinner at HvW and Poster prize and “Disco” Friday 9th September 2011 09.00-10.30   Session 9: Integration of genomics data Chair: Chris Evelo 09.00-09.30   Peter van der Spek (Erasmus Medical Center, NL) Next Generation Sequencing of Diploid Human Genomes 09.30-09.50   Oral 16: Carsten Carlberg (University of Luxembourg, LU) Genome-wide view on nuclear sensors for vitamin D and oxysterols 09.50-10.10   Oral 17: Keith Grimaldi (National Technical University of Athens, GR) Download Presentation in pdf EUROGENE – Personal genetics in practice 10.15-10.30   Discussion time 10.30-11.00   Coffee/tea break 11.00-12.00   Session 10: Defining health Chair: Michael Müller 11.00-11.45    Invited 18: Luigi Fontana (Washington University, USA / Italian National Institute of Health, IT) Download Presentation in pdf How to stay healthy? Eat less? 11.45–12.15  Conclusions: Michael Müller (Wageningen University, NL) Download Presentation in pdf What is healthy? 12.15-12.30    Closure: Ben van Ommen (TNO, NL: CEO NuGO Association) 12:30-13:30   Take-away lunch Friday 9th September 2011 13.00-15.30   NuGO Participants Assembly Meeting