Call for abstracts for the Frontiers for Young Minds Nutrigenomics collection, deadline 15 October 2020

Calling all creative writers and researchers!


The NuGO Early Career Network (ECN) are offering a unique opportunity for you to share the best of your research with a new generation of budding scientists who are still at school! You are invited to return to the mystery of science seen through the eyes of young people to transform your work into an accessible article that will be published in a special Nutrigenomics collection in the novel Frontiers for Young Minds journal. This novel open-access journal of Frontiers whose target audience is 8-15 year olds, it is written by scientists but reviewed by young people (for further information about the journal, please visit:

Researchers are invited to submit a short lay summary (written for the audience of Frontiers for Young Minds) of a recently published scientific article (original article or review) that has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Applications will be reviewed by the ECN committee and the editorial board of the Frontiers for Young Minds Nutrigenomics Collection based on criteria including: scientific impact in the field of Nutrigenomics, originality and clarity of the lay summary text.

The collection invites articles that respond to the following themes:

  • What are ‘omics’ technologies and how do they work?
  • Why are ‘omics’ technologies used to understand food and nutrition?
  • How can we understand the effects of food on our body?
  • How are foods processed in the body and what does this mean for health?
  • What makes some foods good for me but not you? (personalising diet)

Successful applicants will receive support from the NuGO ECN via a special edition webinar that will offer practical advice on communicating scientific research to young audiences (scheduled for September 2020), as well as participation in 3-4 peer-support group meetings organised by the NuGO ECN via GoToMeeting. Final articles should be submitted by May 2021.

All contributions to the Nutrigenomics collection will be reviewed by children and young people via the unique review system offered by Frontiers for Young Minds. Members of the NuGO ECN who are not contributors to the collection are invited to act as a Science Mentor for the review process, acting as an intermediary between the young reviewers and the authors (further details to follow). We encourage all NuGO members to consider participating in this project that we believe will be an excellent opportunity to disseminate some of the exciting work that is happening in the NuGO community.

Please use the application form to submit applications to [email protected]. Please state FYM application and your name in the title of the email.

Application form: click here

Deadline for submissions: 15 October 2020

Note: there are no fees for publication with Frontiers for Young Minds