Wednesday Poster Session 2011

Poster session Wednesday Lunch 7th September 2011
Session Order in Session Abstract Nr Title Presenting Author
1 3 11978 Title: Expression profiling by whole-genome microarray hybridization reveals differential gene expression in breast cancer cell lines after docosahexaenoic acid exposure. Almeida , D.F.
1 4 12002 Impact of maternal gut inflammation on the offspring’s intestinal epithelial cells Hemmerling , J.
1 5 12010 Genome-wide hepatic transcriptome effects of anti-diabetic drugs and a lifestyle intervention in mouse models of metabolic syndrome Radonjic , M.
2 6 12125 Impact of maternal L-leucine supplementation during lactation on hypothalamic gene expression in adult offspring López , N.
2 7   Synthetic humanin peptides regulate apoptosis and NFkB pathways in human brain glioblastoma and medulloblastoma cell lines. Iwona Wybrańska
3 6 11820 Distribution of short-chain fatty acid receptor GPR43 in the intestinal tract Van Baal , J.
3 8 11998 Gut bacteria and polyphenols: the role of polyphenolic metabolites in models of colon cancer Brown , E.M.
3 10 11975 Effects of Enterococcus faecium NCIMB 10415 on chronic gut inflammation in the IL 10-/- mouse model Ganesh , B.P.
3 12 11945 A diet high in resistant starch influences SCFA concentrations and gene expression in pig intestine Haenen , D.
3 14 11685 Plasma folate levels, polymorphisms in the One-Carbon Metabolic Pathway, and the risk and survival of colorectal cancer Kyte , C.L.
3 16 12034 Plant stanols modulate beta-catenin and Egfr signaling, induce tumor formation and upregulate gene expression of sterol biosynthesis in the ApcMin mouse Marttinen , M.
3 18 11951 NutriChip – A technological platform for nutrition analysis to promote healthy food Schwander , F.
3 20 11987 Bacterial polyamines have no impact on gut anatomy of mice Slezak , K.
3 22 12065 Use of 13C-labeled substrates to decipher the role of fermentation of prebiotics in the human colon in metabolic health Venema , K.
5 4 12044 The principal effect of PPARδ activation in human myotubes is to increase mitochondrial fatty acid oxidative capacity Thoresen , G.H.
6 5 12130 ER stress and obesity: Bardet Biedl syndrome 4 model Birk , R.
6 7 12036 Association of single nucleotide polymorphism 276 G>T of adiponectin gene and serum adiponectin level with the risk of metabolic syndrome Isa , N.
6 9 12122 A maternal high fat diet modulates energy intake in adult offspring in Gipr-/- mice. Keyhani Nejad , F.
6 11 12050 Dietary fatty acids activate TLR4 and the inflammasome in dendritic cells and adipocytes–implications for diet-induced insulin resistance Reynolds , C.M.
6 13 12045 Moderate caloric restriction in lactating rats results in early adaptations in adipose tissue of their offspring, which may contribute to their lower adiposity in adult life. Torrens , J.M.
7 5 11775 Prediction of food-related intestinal metabolome derived from polyphenol-rich foods Aura , A.-M.
7 7 11940 Systematic structural elucidation of polyphenols and their intact man-made products: precise identification of phenolic conjugates at micromolar levels Van Der Hooft , J.J.J.
7 9 12054 Looking for growth conditions that improve “glucosinoloma” of broccoli sprouts Maldini , M.
7 11 11753 Plasma metabolomics and proteomics profiling after a postprandial challenge reveal subtle diet effects on human metabolic status Pellis , L.
7 13 11916 Community Based Participatory Biomedical Research: Evidence for One-Carbon Pathway Metabolic Groups Pontes Monteiro , J.
7 15 12032 Comparing apples and pears: Associations of metabolic profiles and body fat distribution in healthy overweight subjects Szymanska , E.
8 6 12114 Interorgan coordination in murine adaptive response to fasting Sokolović , M.
8 8 11603 Folate depletion during development causes gene expression changes in fetal and adult mouse liver. Mckay , J.A.
8 10 11991 Development of minimally invasive techniques for monitoring telomere length O’callaghan , N.J.
8 12 12078 influence of micronutrients on the level of DNA damage, misincorporated uracil and DNA repair capability Salvadori , D.
9 4 12064 Integration of the effect of dietary fat on the transcriptome in white adipose tissue and liver. The third NuGO proof of principle study. Boekschoten , M.V.
9 6 12132 friendly solutions for standardised microarray analysis Eijssen , L.
9 8 12117 MADMAX – Management and analysis database for multiple ~omics experiments Lin , K.
9 10 12046 Transcriptomic networks differentially regulated by carbohydrate versus lipid nutritional challenges O Grada , C.M.
9 12   The development of a metagenomics module within the Nutritional Phenotype Database Keijser, B
10 3 12105 Can Metabolomics be used to identify a healthy response to an exercise challenge test? Pasman , W.
11 1 11976 GSPE inhibits insulin synthesis on islets isolated from fa/fa rats Blay , M.T.
11 3 12008 Effects of different types of dietary fat on postprandial response in lean healthy, obese healthy and obese type 2 diabetic subjects Van Dijk , S.J.
11 5 12004 Postprandial effects on measures of vascular function and leukocyte activation markers can be influenced by BMI or fatty acid type Esser , D.
11 7 12001 ß-carotene and retinol transport in a co-culture system of intestinal human Caco-2/TC7 and hepatic cell lines. Bellovino , D.
11 9 12056 Carotenoids as natural health boosters: towards establishing an spectroscopic assay to probe carotenoid membrane interactions and anti-oxidant activities Braun , P.
11 11 12028 Different Tocotrienols induce specific patterns of gene expression and a specific effect on cell cycle and apoptosis Leoni , G.
11 13 11990 Effects of Agrimonia eupatoria on antioxidant potential in healthy volunteers Nashar , M.