Tuesday Poster Session 2011

Poster session Tuesday evening 6th September 2011
Session Order in session Nr. Title Presenting author
3 7 11947 Validation of an in vitro digestion model using bovine milk Bolanz , K.A.
3 9 12000 antibiotic resistance determinants in the interplay between food and gut microbiota Devirgiliis , C.
3 11 12040 Metabolic Phenotyping of a Crohn’s Disease like IBD Etiopathology in the TNFΔARE/- Mouse Model Gruber , L.
3 13 12123 Intestinal ROS is reduced in mice after fasting Kielland , A.
3 15 12063 Effects of modulation of short chain fatty acid concentrations in murine intestine on host gene expression Lange , K.
3 17 11986 Response of intestinal bacteria to dietary factors in the mouse intestine Rothe , M.
3 19 11515 The role of the transcription factor HNF-4α in intestinal development and carcinogenesis Schwartz , B.
3 21 12019 Combining 13C-metabolic flux analysis and genome-scale modeling of short chain fatty acid production De Graaf , A.A.
3 23 12029 Effect of folic acid supplementation on promoter methylation of Wnt-signalling genes Wan Omar , W.A.
4 5 11999 Grape seed proanthocyanidins modify the peripheral circadian clock Ribas-Latre , A.
4 6 11997 Grape seed proanthocyanidins repress the expression of miR-122 and miR-33 in rat liver Baselga-Escudero , L.
4 7 12043 A high protein diet induces increased energy expenditure and negative energy balance in mice Schwarz , J.
4 8 12162 Maternal western style diet programs the development of obesity and fatty liver in mice Lendvai , Á.
6 6 12016 Reduced expression of Nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase in brown adipose tissue of obese and aging rats Granados , N.
6 8 11814 The tumor necrosis factor-α gene polymorphisms -308 G/A and -238 G/A modulate the relationship between dietary fat intake, obesity risk and serum lipid concentrations in black and white South African women. Joffe , Y.T.
6 10 11927 Changes in the genes during differentiation and dedifferentiation of the human adipose tissue progenitor cells SVF. Effect of fatty acids and L-arginine Kiec-Wilk , B.
6 12 12094 Dietary restriction of mice on a high-fat diet induces substrate efficiency and improves metabolic health Van Schothorst , E.M.
6 14 12158 1,25 dihydroxyvitamin D3 inhibits proinflammatory cytokine and chemokine expression in adipose tissue Marcotorchino , J.
7 6 12060 New insight in metabolic routes: the difference between blood samples obtained from the lateral auricular artery, the portal vein, and the hepatic vein Hedemann , M.S.
7 8 12049 Effects of a high dietary fiber intake on the human metabolome Johansson-Persson , A.
7 10 12062 LC-MS metabonomics of plasma samples from catheterised pigs fed three different diets containing whole grain cereals Noerskov , N.P.
7 12 11928 The inhibitory effect of the n-3 fatty acid EPA on lipid droplet (LD) formation in endothelial cells stressed by the presence of TNFa and fatty acids. Polus , A.
7 14 11932 A metabolomics investigation of weight loss in overweight and obese adults Saccenti , E.
7 16 12137 Urinary Metabolome Changes in MetS Volunteers after regular consumption of Nuts. LC- HPLC-q-ToF-MS & ESI-LTQ-Orbitrap MS Untargeted Metabolomics. Andres-Lacueva , C.
8 5 12075 Does a balanced isocaloric diet have an anti-inflammatory potential? Førde , M.
8 7 11602 Consequences of folate depletion during development and high fat intake from weaning on adiposity, gene expression and DNA methylation in adult mice. Mckay , J.A.
8 9 12093 Polimorphism of pro12ala peroxisome activated receptor gamma 2 gene and -866 G/A uncoupling protein 2 gene and insulin resistance in obese adolescent girls Muhammad , H.F.L.
8 11 12076 A high-risk Western-type diet induces tumorigenesis in the intestinal mucosa of the ApcMin mouse and alters gene expression of the cellular pathways regulating energy metabolism, cell fate, and tissue organization Pajari , A.M.
9 5 11958 Structured data analysis and storage to facilitate systems biology analysis Bouwman , J.
9 7 11282 Pathway interactions in insulin resistant mouse liver Kelder , T.
9 9 12081 Frequency and geographic distribution of variants of GST among Mexican mestizos and native populations. Tejero , M.E.
9 11 12082 Network modeling of gene expresion microarray in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus Torres , L.A.
11 2 12077 Interaction between apoE variants and plasma fatty acids on parameters of the metabolic syndrome in Alaskan Natives. Tejero , M.E.
11 4 11996 Inflammatory challenge test to measure health: comparison of metabolite, protein and gene responses to LPS in vitro and in vivo Van Erk , M.
11 6 12053 Role of Angiopoietin-like4 in atherosclerosis development Georgiadi , A.
11 8 12061 Nutrigenomics and health as the ability to adapt Huber , M.
11 10 12035 A short-term intervention with selenium induces an anti-inflammatory gene expression profile in prostate tissue: results from a randomized, controlled intervention trial Kok , D.E.G.
11 12 12120 Procyanidin dimer and DHA decrease cytokine-mediated inflammatory response in ex-vivo LPS-stimulated PBMC Blay , M.
11 14 12134 Effect of isoflavones on plasma and urine concentrations and on PBMC gene-expression: the design of a placebo-controlled cross-over study Van Der Velpen , V.