Because of the travel restrictions related to the pandemic, NuGO decided early in 2021 to organize the first and hopefully only virtual eNUGO week 2021 on “Immuno-nutrigenomics: How to feed the immune system” having three thematic sessions:

1. Immunometabolism – From mechanisms to human interventions

2. How to feed the immune system – the role of nutrients and food bioactives for the immune system

3. Nutrigenomics (precision nutrition) of the immune system

Immunometabolism is an emerging branch of biology that studies the interplay between metabolism and immunology in all organisms. Because of the long-lasting effects COVID-19 has on metabolic health the eNuGO week 2021 was well-timed and attracted 154 registrants from 25 countries.

The participants could listen to a range of excellent lectures by leading scientists on topics such as “Fibre-poor Western diets fuel inflammation” (Quirijn de Mast, Radboudumc, NL), “Environmental Signals Influencing Immunometabolism in Diabetes” (Rinke Stienstra, WUR, NL), “Global pandemics interconnected — Obesity, impaired metabolic health and COVID-19” (Matthias Schulze, DIFE, GE), “Immunometabolism around the Clock” (Annie Curtis, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, IE), “Regulating metabolic inflammation by nutritional modulation” (Helen Roche, UCD, Ireland), “Microbiome composition as a mediator of the link between diet and systemic inflammation: the PREDICT studies” (Ana Valdes, University of Nottingham, UK) and many more including shorter presentations by selected early career scientists from NuGO partner organisations.

Here you can find the FINAL eNuGOweek 2021 programme
An interactive poster presentation gave young scientists the opportunity to discuss their research results in groups of 5-8 people and resulted in a lively online discussion.
The NuGO networking event during the first evening was rolled out as a speed dating event with whoever you meet in the next room was a surprise every 8 minutes. A surprising, funny, interesting, informative, and absolutely great experience as alternative for the usual networking events at previous face to face NuGO weeks. At the end of this successful eNuGO week 2021 we said goodbye to our NuGO secretary Ingeborg van Leeuwen-Bol who has worked tireless for NuGO for 18 years and was also involved in organizing the eNuGO week 2021 together with her successor Dr. Meike Bünger. We thanked Ingeborg for all her amazing work and welcomed Meike to take over after the GA in September 2021.