Webinar 2020, no3, Friday 31 July 2020

DATE: Friday, 31 July at 16:00 h (CET)
TITLE: Ever wondered what happens to your proposal when you submit it?
HOST: Dr Siân Astley
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Webinar resumé   

This webinar seeks to give insight on how to write a successful grant proposal from the perspective of a proposal reviewer. Dr Siân Astley will uncover the essential steps to making your proposal sellable to the reviewers and will highlight some of the pitfalls to avoid.

For this special webinar, we would like to invite you to send any questions that you already have on the project proposal process to: [email protected]

Dr Siân Astley is a senior researcher, and training and communications manager at EuroFIR AISBL (Brussels). She was NuGO NoE (FP6) communication Manager. Siân has a wide experience in food and nutritional research, both as a researcher and in communications management. Her experience in the management and promotion of EU-funded research activities places her in a unique position to advise on writing proposals in the field of nutritional sciences.

Dr Siân Astley

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