Webinar 2020, no2; Friday 5 June 2020

DATE: Friday, 5 June at 16:00 h (CET)
TITLE: Nutrition and the microbiota analysis: concepts and tips to get started
HOST: Dr Kathryn Burton (Agroscope, Switzerland)
REGISTRATION: Attendance is FREE but registration is required.
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Webinar resumé
The gut microbiota has emerged as an important predictor and potential influencer of health and disease. Consequently, the gut microbiota is increasing studied in nutritional studies. Inspired by the 6th Nutrition Winter School in Levi (Finland), ‘Diet & Microbes: Gut health for the brain and body’, this webinar seeks to introduce the core concepts and terminology used in microbiota research and provide a practical example of how sequencing technology (specifically focusing on 16SrRNA) can be used to explore the link between diet and nutrition, and the gut microbiota composition.

Agroscope - Functional Nutritional Biology Group

Kathryn is a dietitian and nutrition researcher working at Agroscope, the Swiss centre of excellence for Agricultural Research. Trained in clinical nutrition at the University of Nottingham (UK), she pursued a career in nutritional research with a masters in human health at AgroParisTech (France) leading to her PhD thesis on the nutrigenomics of dairy foods at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland). After a short post doctoral experience at Agroscope, she is working as a research for the Human Nutrition Group with special interests in the effect of diet on the gut microbiota, analysis and integration of big data to better understand the role of diet on health. Kathryn has been a NuGO ECN board representative for the last two years.



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