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NuGO is an Association of Universities and Research Institutes focusing on the joint development of the research areas of molecular nutrition, personalised nutrition, nutrigenomics and nutritional systems biology.

Updated 09.03.2024

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Annual Conference

The NuGOweek 2024 is organised by NuGO & Ghent University and co-organised for 5+6 September with Benelux Metabolomics Days 2024 (by NMC)

Register for NuGOweek 2024!
When: 2th to 6th of September 2024
Where: Zebrastraat, Ghent, BE
Registration is open!
Local organizer: Prof. Lynn Vanhaecke, Ghent University, BE

NuGOweek 2024 website, abstract submission and registration are open!
Questions? please ask us under nugo[at]wur[dot]nl.



*5th European Summer School on Nutrigenomics
Nutritional epigenetics as a new strategy for long and healthy life to humans and environment
when: 18 to 21 June
Venue: Hotel City, in Senigallia (AN), Italy.
For more info and registration, visit https://nutrigenomics.unicam.it
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=> There 5 NuGO travel grants of 500 euro availableRead here how to apply.


*NuGO Post-graduate Course
when: 31 August to 2 September
NuGO Post-graduate Course 2024, Ghent, Belgium
Save the date for the annual NuGO Post-graduate Course 2024,
More information is here available soon!


NuGO travel grants available! ( -> info on Trainings & Travel grants)

5 NuGO travel grants available for PhDs/postdocs to visit the
5th European Summer School on Nutrigenomics
18 - 21 June 2024, 5th European Summer School on Nutrigenomics, Hotel City, in Senigallia (AN), Italy.

Read here the details and how to apply.

Recordings of past webinars!

NEW - Oral Health, organizer: Heli Viljakainen, the webinar will be shared on a later moment, due to unpublished data that was presented.
Find here the programme!

NEW- ZIEL Research Strategy, Food & Microbiome, Human Intervention, Career support for young Scientists.
=> click to recording
NEW-  The Path to Personalized Health is Paved with Data
=> click to recording
ELIXIR: How to find, analyse and share data’
=> click to recording
- Lifelines, Biobank for Life Science and Health Research
=> click to recording
- What does FAIR mean to you?
=> click to recording
- Omics for Nutrition Science 1, Nutrition Science, omics data capturing
=> click to recording
- Omics for Nutrition Science 2, Data analysis & infrastructure in food and nutrition
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