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NuGO is an Association of Universities and Research Institutes focusing on the joint development of the research areas of molecular nutrition, personalised nutrition, nutrigenomics and nutritional systems biology.


Updated 16.09.2022

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Annual Conference (the NuGOweek 2023) organised by NuGO & University of Camerino

  • NuGOweek 2023
    Impact of nutrition during different life stages – tracing the impact of diet on human health
    When: 5th to 8th of September 2023
    Where: Senigallia, La Rotonda, Italy
    Registration will be open asap
    Local organizer:
    Prof. Rosita Gabbianelli
    Unit of Molecular Biology and Nutrigenomics
    School of Pharmacy
    University of Camerino, ItalyQuestions? ask us under [email protected].

Annual Conference (the NuGOweek 2022) organised by NuGO &  

  • NuGOweek 2022:
    Food bioactives for disease prevention: from mechanisms to chrononutrition
    29th of August to 1st of September 2022
    Where: LIVE at the URV - Campus Catalunya, Avinguda Catalunya 35, Tarragona, Spain
    Registration ended
    Questions? ask us under [email protected].Click here for travel information (How to get there)

    DOCUMENTS for ATTENDEES of NuGO week 2022!

    Click here 2022 for the NuGOweek Programme
    Click here for the Book of Abstracts and Biosketches
    Click here for recommended accommodation
    Click here to register for the Gala Dinner (until 22.08.2022)

Training & Courses 2022

  • Workshops
    NEW -> 2 x 400 Euro NuGO grants are available for the Biohackaton Europe event
    Click here for more information on these 2 grants
    Here you find information on the Biohackaton Europe
    When: 7-11 November 2022
    Where: in Paris, organized by ELIXIR Europe
    click here for more information on Twitter
  • Past event: Hands-on 16S rRNA gene amplicon analysis
    When: 23-25 May 2022
    Where: ZIEL-institute (TUM, D) read more
  • NuGO Webinars
    The next NuGO webinar will be on FAIR data and will be scheduled for May 2022

Do you have questions on trainings or courses? Contact us at [email protected].

Early Career Network 

  • Launch of a new Frontiers for Young Minds the Nutrigenomics Collection entitled
    "New ways to understand how foods affect me and my health" click here more information
  • ECN Webinar series 2022
    *  2022-3 on 6th July, 11AM (CEST)
    "Gut physiology meets microbiome science" by Professor Hannelore Daniel
    2022-2 on 18th May, 11AM (CEST)
    "Using omics approaches to identify potential biomarkers of IBD" by Dr. Amira Metwaly (TUM, D)
    *  2022-1 on 30th April  11AM (CEST)
    "Precision Nutrition – Fact or Fiction" by Dr. Sarah Berry and Dr. Kate Bermingham (KCL, UK)
    click here for a recording of this event

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