III European summer school on Nutrigenomics
“Modulation of the epigenome by nutrition and xenobiotics during early life and across the life span: the key role of life style”
25-29th June 2018
Jesi (AN), Italy

Topics of interest
– Key role of epigenetics in the programming of adult health
– How nutrition modulates health through nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics
– How xenobiotics control gene expression: not just epigenetics
– How life style (diet, physical activity, sleep, leisure-time and sedentary behaviour) modifies gene expression
– Nutrigenomic biomarkers in blood, urine and saliva

Deadline abstract submission
5th March 2018

More information
visit: www.unicam.it/nutrigenomics or by email to nutrigenomics@unicam.it

NuGO Grants
NuGO will make 8 grants available to participate in this course. The grant of 550€ will cover the course fee.

Grant application deadline
Deadline grant application is 1st March 2018. For more information click [here]