Poster Session 2: Wednesday 11 September

The poster can have the size up to A0 (LxH: 841 x 1189 mm)
First Name Family Name Title Abstract  Poster Number
Katrin Kopf-Bolanz NutriOpt: Digital solutions for nutrient optimization in product development 1-2
Aleena Mushtaq Differences in the Gut Microbiota of Mice from different Sources 1-4
Domink Guggisberg Transcriptomic and metabolomic Effects of Butter or Margarine (with or without Trans fatty acids) enriched Diet in healthy Subjects 2-2
Kamalita Pertiwi Associations of Dairy and Fiber Intake with circulating Odd-chain Fatty acids in Post-myocardial Infarction Patients 2-4
Nicole Darmon Mon Alimentation Sur-Mesure, a Tailored Nutrition Counselling Web-Application based on Mathematical Diet Optimization 2-6
Carina Mack More than 80 Sugar Compounds detectable by comprehensive two-dimensional GC-MS Analysis in Human Urine 2-8
Christopher Bishop Role of Dietary derived Propionyl-CoA and Odd-Chain Fatty Acids in Hepatic Lipid Metabolism 3-4
Zahra Sattari Polyfermenthealth – Linking Bacterial Diversity In Fermented Food To Metabolic Health 3-6
Joana Sánchez Cafeteria Diet Consumption during Lactation in Rats, rather than Obesity per se, alters miR-222, miR-200a, and miR-26a Levels in Milk 3-8
Rong Zeng Effects of two Weight-Loss Diets on Fatty acids and Acylcarnitines in Chinese Women 3-10
Hyo-Kyoung Choi 3,4-dihydroxytoluene (DHT), a metabolite of rutin, prevents non-alcholic fatty liver disease through inhibition of acetyltransferase activity 3-12
Sergio Polakof Compared to animal proteins, plant proteins induce metabolic reorientations that ensure protein homeostasis and are associated with a reduced high-fat-induced insulin resistance 3-14
Ratika Sehgal Associations of serum Indole Propionic acid with liver and adipose tissue transcriptome in individuals with high risk for type 2 diabetes 3-16
Sangwon Chung Anti-obesity Effect of Tamarixetin is accompanied by Inhibition of Histone Acetylatransferase 3-18
Marina Colom Time-of-Day dependent Effect of bioactive Compounds on white adipose Tissue Metabolism and Expandability in obese Rats 3-20
Sophie Prosolek Broccoli-derived Sulfur-containing Metabolites profoundly alter metabolic and transcriptomic Profiles in vitro, in a cell-line specific Manner 3-22
Carina Mack Sugars and Derivatives in the Human Metabolome: What they can tell us 3-24
Jorge Soliz-Rueda Grape Seed Proanthocyanidins-mediated Adaptation of seasonal Rhythms after an abrupt Disruption of the Photoperiod in obese Rats 3-26
Sabine Kulling Phenotypes of Resveratrol Metabolism in Humans 3-28
Anniek van Westing Association of Fish Intake and Omega-3 Fatty Acids with Kidney Function Decline in post-Myocardial Infarction Patients 4-4
Karina González Becerra A Diet supplemented with omega 3 Fatty acid decrease IL-6 Expression in Subjects with Obesity 5-4
Daniela Segovia-Lizano1 Quisper: A digital Solution to enhance Consumer Trust in Personalised Nutrition 5-6
Michel Combes Self Health Quantification Blockchain (SHQB) 5-8
Marietta Rodriguez Frequency and Diversity of Potential Genetic Markers of Nutrition-Related Diseases Generated from the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Panel 5-10
Sonja Lackner Plasma Metabolite Profile in Anorexia Nervosa Inpatients in Comparison to Athletes, Overweight, Obese, and Normal Weight Controls 5-12