Poster session 1: Tuesday 10 September

The poster can have the size up to A0 (LxH: 841 x 1189 mm)
First Name Family Name Title Abstract  Poster Number
Talia Salzmann Using new Genetic Sequencing Technologies to increase Food Transparency through Citizen Science 1-1
Cornelia Bär Characterization of grassland based Swiss milk by a metabolomics approach 1-3
Hannah Pinchen REFRESH Food Waste Compositional Database – FoodWasteEXplorer 1-5
Pascal Fuchsmann Identification of Plasma and Urinary Volatile Food Intake Biomarkers for Milk, Cheese, and Soy-Based Drink by Untargeted GC-MS in Healthy Humans 2-1
Muyao Xi Discovery of Urinary Biomarkers of Spinach Consumption using Untargeted LC-MS Metabolomics in a Human Cross-over Study 2-2
Caterina Brasacchio Modulation of Gut Microbiome Composition: Effects of Fruits and Vegetables 2-5
Kristin Hustad Intake of fatty Fish according to Dietary Recommendations is associated with a beneficial Lipoprotein Subclass Profile among Healthy Adults 2-7
Thomas Skurk Specificity and Kinetics of Markers after Chicken and Beef Consumption using targeted quantitative LC-MS/MS Analysis 2-9
Catalina Pomar The Maternal Intake of a Cafeteria Diet during Lactation affects not only the Total Amount of Protein Content in Breast Milk but also Changes specific Peptides Concentration 3-1
Jinyoung Kim Ageing is Associated with Different Metabolic Postprandial Responses after acute Milk and Yogurt Intake in Men 3-3
Thomas Roder The Metagenome of a Microbial Culture Collection Derived from Dairy Environment Covers the Genomic Content of the Human Microbiome 3-5
Annalisa Terranegra The Triple Interaction Diet-Microbiome-Epigenome: A Novel Approach to Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) 3-7
Yidi Sun Changes of Gut Microbiota and its Effect on Lipid Metabolism induced by two Weight-loss Diets in Chinese Women 3-9
Yueyi Deng Plasma Lipidomics revealed Protection of Renal Function by traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs for IgAN Patients through Lipid Metabolism 3-11
Sergio Polakof Insights on hepatic glutathione, lipogenesis and branched-chain amino acid pathways from a combined metabolomics and transcriptomics profiling strategy on adult rats born from normal or high fat-fed mothers 3-13
Bogdan Roussev The impact of Varna basin mineral water intake on blood pressure in healthy volunteers 3-17
Gonçalo Rosas da Silva Novel Dietary Biomarker Candidates identified through a combined NMR and LC-MS Metabolomics Approach 3-19
Alessandra Bordoni Human Caco-2 Cell Line as intestinal Model to study Glucose Diffusion: a Metabolomics Approach 3-21
Giulia Gaudioso In vitro faecal Fermentation of Broccolo di Torbole Ecotype (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis) 3-23
Begona Muguerza A Phenol-enriched Grape-derived decreases Blood Pressure via Sirtuin-1 in spontaneously hypertensive Rats 3-25
Carmen Grau-Bové The Study of Enterohormone Secretion in Human Colon is conditioned by the ex vivo experimental Model 3-27
Marit Hjorth Exploring health effects of salmon, salmon fishmeal and beef in obese mice 3-29
Fiona Malcomson Effects of Obesity and of bariatric Surgery on Human faecal short-chain Fatty Acids: Findings from the Biomarkers of Colorectal Cancer after Bariatric Surgery Study 4-1
Xu Lin Lipopolysaccharide binding protein, inflammatory markers, adipokines, and incidence of hyperuricemia in a cohort study of middle-aged and older Chinese 4-3
Kamalita Pertiwi Plasma and Dietary Linoleic acid and Risk of type 2 Diabetes after myocardial Infarction: a 3-Year prospective Analysis in the Alpha Omega Cohort 4-5
Anna Reik Personalized Nutrition and eHealth as New Approaches for the Therapy of Adults with Obesity: Design and Methods of the Lifestyle Intervention Study (LION-Study) 5-1
Kaitlin Day Providing Insight into what defines Weight Loss Success: A secondary Analysis of Gene Expression Changes in two Weight Loss Interventions 5-3
Heli Viljakainen Genetic Risk Score predicts Risk for Overweight and Obesity in Finnish Preadolescents 5-5
Roberta Mendes Association between Metabolites and Body Composition- the Importance of Consideration of Sex 5-7
Elaine Hillesheim Delivery of Personalised Nutrition advice using a Metabotype Approach 5-9
Janani Tamilvanan Improved long- term Weight Management & Compliance using nutrigenetically tailored Diet among Obese Asian Indians 5-11