Abstract submission guidelines

Deadline abstract submission: 11 June 2018
Abstract must be submitted as an attached file in the format below to nugo@wur.nl
Abstracts that do not comply with the format will not be accepted
Mention in the email for which session you submit your abstract:
* Session 1:  Mitochondrial function in health and disease
* Session 2: Assessing Mitochondrial function
* Session 3:  Joint Programming Initiative ‘a Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life’ (JPI HDHL): The Food Biomarkers  Alliance (FoodBAll)
* Session 4:  Approaches to complexity
* Session 6:  Bioinformatics tools
* Session 7:  Epigenetic effects of micronutruients and their impact on cellular and mitochondrial metabolism
For an example of an abstract click here 

Format for the abstract for NuGOweek 2018
Paper sizes: A4
Margins: Top and Bottom 25 mm, Left and Right 25 mm
Line spacing: 1.0
Number of words: Maximum of 500 words, this includes affiliation AND text!

Calibri 14 and in Bold

After the title one hard return

*Affiliation including email presenting author:
Calibri 12 and in italic
Names of all authors
The name of the presenting author must be underlined
Affiliation of all authors
The email address of the presenting author must be placed at the end

After the (email address of the presenting author, one hard return

Calibri 12
Single paragraph text
No indentation, figures, tables, references or acknowledgements