There are two sessions for poster presentations announced in the programme, each one hour long (12:00 to 13:00):
– Poster Session 1 on Tuesday 29 August 2017
– Poster Session 2 on Wednesday 30 August 2017
On the conference website you can find in which poster session your paper has been scheduled. Your place among the poster boards will be indicated by the number listed next to your title. All posters will be reviewed and the author of the best poster will be awarded a Prize.

1) Authors should bring printed posters with them as printing posters during the conference is not available.
2) Poster sizes: 100/70 cm, portrait orientation
3) Materials needed to fix posters onto the boards will be provided on site.
4) The posters should be mounted during Registration on Monday 28th August
4) The posters should be taken away from the boards on Thursday morning 31st August.

Click here for more information about the poster sessions.