NuGOweek Delegate’s update 25th August.

NuGOweek 2016 –  Delegate’s UPDATE


This UPDATE will guide you through the information you have to read when attending the NuGOWeek 2016. All information can also be found by visiting the website.

Arrival and departure NuGOweek 2016 starts on Monday 5th September at 16:00 with registration The formal opening is at: 18:00hrs NuGOweek 2016 ends on Thursday 8th September at 12:30. Venue Festsalen University of Copenhagen Frue Plads 1 1168 København K Route description From the airport to Wakeup hotel Borgergade or conference venue: Cheapest way to the hotel: by metro from the airport to Kongens Nytorv to the venue: by metro from the airport to Nørreport It takes 15-20 minutes and will cost 36 DKK (4,5-5,0 Euro) Using a taxi from the airport to the hotel/venue will cost roughly 200-250 DKK. (26-35 Euro) Link to google maps walking routes: from Nørreport Station to the venue: from Kongens Nytorv to the hotel: The Wakeup hotel Borgergade and the venue are within walking distance of each other –  approx. 900 m. The route on google maps: Taking a taxi would be around 100-150 DKK. (13-20 Euro) The Danish Public Transportation The general link to the Danisch Public Transportation is: Registration Opening hours of the registration/information desk: Monday 5th September: 16:00-18:00 hrs Tuesday 8th September: 08:30 – 09:15 hrs During the whole conference we will be around to answer your questions. Payment Please make sure that your payment has gone through. For last minute registrants, please bring a proof of payment with you. Payment on site can be done by credit card or in cash. If you pay in cash, please note we do not have change. Visit: [registration and costs] for payment details Programme  Visit: [detailed programme] Meals and refreshments. * Tea, coffee and beverages will be served during the coffee breaks. * A welcome reception will be organized on Monday evening 5th September. * Lunch will be provided on Tuesday 6th,  Wednesday 7th and a lunch to go on Thursday 8th September. * Dinner will be provided on Wednesday 7th September (conference dinner) at the National Museum in Copenhagen (walking distance from the venue). Please note that the museum opens its doors for us from 19:00 onwards. Check Conference dinner for details. Speakers We would like your presentation to be handed in on Monday September 7th during  registration. If this is not possible, we will make an appointment for you to hand over your presentation later in the week. Please keep in mind that we will convert your PowerPoint to PDF, and upload your presentation to the website. If you would like us to use an edited version because of unpublished data or other concerns about publication, please provide us with this before the end of the conference on Thursday morning 8th September. If you wish to discuss this further, please contact Ingeborg van Leeuwen-Bol during the conference. Abstracts, Posters and Poster Prize Abstract submitted on time are included in the Book of Abstracts. The book of abstracts will be available only on-line. Due to the large number of posters, posters will be presented in two sessions: * Poster session 1: Tuesday 6th September from 11:15-13.45hrs * Poster session 2: Wednesday 7th  September from 11:50-13.30hrs Authors must be present on the day their poster is being presented. To determine which session and on which board your poster is presented, please visit: [Poster Session]. A moderator will guide the session. Posters will be evaluated on their scientific content. For this reason, The prize winners for the poster sessions will be announced during the conference dinner on Wednesday 7th  September. Satellite meetings and master class. All satellite meetings, master class and Participants Assembly are closed meetings and participation is by invitation only. Visit: [programme]. Wireless information WiFi access has been generated by the UoC on your email account. Information will be available during registration. Sponsors We are grateful for the, financial, support of our [sponsors] * Amway * Carlsberg * Genes and Nutrition * Metabolon * Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences * Nordic Laboratories/DNALife * Nordplus * NuGO * VITAS * Waters Conference website: