Sunday, 7th September
21.30 Post-graduate course: get together

Monday, 8th September
09.00-15.30 Post-graduate course:
“Nutrigenomics studies in humans: from epidemiology to intervention”
13.00-16.00 NuGO Executive Committee
Satellite meeting: NutriTech

14.00 Registration and mounting posters

16.30-18.00 Opening NuGOweek 2014
16.30-16.40 Giuditta Perozzi, (CRA-NUT, Rome, IT)
Opening and Welcome
Session 1: Mediterranean diet vs Nordic diet – Health associated dietary patterns
Chairs: Christian A. Drevon (Univ. of Oslo, NO & Pasquale Strazzullo (Univ. of Naples, IT)
16.40-17.10 Ramon Estruch (University of Barcelona, Barcelona, SP)
Latest evidences of the protective effects of Mediterranean diet on cardivascular disease
17.10-17.40 Pasquale Strazzullo (University of Naples, Naples, IT)
The ‘modern’ Mediterranean diet: a critical appraisal
17.40-18.00 Lena Leder (University of Oslo, Oslo, NO)
Effects of a healthy Nordic diet on mRNA gene expression in PBMCs after an OGTT (the SYSDIET study)

18.00-19.30 Debate on the health effects of Med Diet and Nordic Diet
Lars Dragsted (University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, DK)
Marjukka Kolehmainen (University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, FI)
Cristina Lacueva (University of Barcelona, Barcelona, SP)
Augustin Scalbert (International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, FR)
19.30 Welcome reception

Tuesday, 9th September
07.30-09.00 Satellite meeting: NRC-breakfast meeting

09.00-10.30 Session 2: Systems biology of Foods
Chairs: Alessandra Bordoni (Univ. of Bologna, IT) & Giuditta Perozzi (CRA-NUT, IT)
09.00-09.30 Cathie Martin (John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK)
Addressing food security through the nutritional enchancement of foods
09.30-10.00 Didier Dupont (INRA, Rennes, FR)
Disintegration of food in the gastrointestinal tract: what do we know and where are the gaps?
10.00-10.30 Francesco Capozzi (University of Bologna, Bologna, IT)
Foodomics: the link between food and nutrition

10.30-10.50 Coffee break

10.50-12.35 Continuation of Session 2
10.50-11.20 Lorraine Brennan (University College Dublin, Dublin, IE)
Dietary patterns: how to capture them and what do they mean
11.20-11.50 Clarissa Gerhauser (German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, DE)
Single nutrients/bioactives vs whole food: the epigenetics perspective
11.50-12.05 Christian Hellmuth (University of Munich Medical Centre, Munich, DE)
Dietary protein intake affects amino acid and acylcarnitine metabolism in infants aged 6 months
12.05-12.20 Lars Verschuren (TNO, Zeist, NL)
Bioinformatics approach to prioritize food ingredients with the aim to design new functional foods
12.20-12.35 Doreen Gille (Agroscope, Institute of Food Science, Bern, CH)
Identification of nutritional health biomarkers for metabolic flexibility

12.35-14.00 Lunch and poster session 1

14.00-18.00 Post-graduate course:
“Nutrigenomics studies in humans: from epidemiology to intervention”
Satellite meeting: NutriTech
Satellite meeting: Qualify
Satellite meeting: Pathway 27
Stakeholder Workshop: EuroDISH WP8

16.00-16.30 Tea break

18.15-20.00 Session 3: Food-gut microbiota interactions in nutrigenomics
Chair: Dirk Haller (TUM, DE)
18.15-18.45 Dirk Haller (Technische Universität München, Freising-Weihenstephan, DE)
Intestinal microbiota in inflammatory disorders – the immune-gut axis
18.45-19.15 Michael Müller (University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK)
The role of diet in the immuno-metabolic plasticity of the gut: a systems nutrition approach
19.15-19.35 Guy Vergères (Agroscope, Institute for Food Sciences, Bern, CH)
NutriGenoMilk: from bacterial genomics to human metabolism
19.35-20.00 Alexander Haslberger (University of Vienna, Vienna, AT)
Epigentic regulation of inflammatory molecules mediated by changes in SCFA producing GI microbiota

20.30 Dinner

Wednesday, 10th September
07.30-09.00 Satellite meeting: T2DM
09.00-10.30 Session 4: Food & the Human Variome
Chair: Jim Kaput (NIHS, CH)
09.00-9.30 Andrey Rzhetsky (University of Chicago, Chicago, Il, USA)
Analysis of large biomedical datasets: diseases, medical records, and genetics
09.30-10.00 Jim Kaput (Nestlé institute of Health Science, Lausanne, CH)
The end of single SNP studies?
10.00-10.15 Sébastien Lacroix (COSBI, Rovereto, IT)
Identification of cofactor-requiring enzymes with high genetic differentiation between 1000 Genomes
10.15-10.30 Colette O’Neill (University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK)
Effects of FADS2 genotype on fatty acid status & response to whole diet intervention in older adults

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-12.30 Session 5: Towards an European core infrastructure for nutrition and health research
Chairs: Chris Evelo & Lars Eijssen (Maastricht University, NL)
11.00-11.30 Pamela Byrne (JPI-HDHL/ Abbott Nutrition, IR)
JPI A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life: its role in co-ordinating research in the area food & health
11.30-12.00 Ben van Ommen (TNO, Zeist, NL)
Do we need a nutritional bioinformatics infrastructure?
12.00-12.15 Claudine Manach (INRA, Saint-Genes-Champanelle, FR)
PhytoHub version 1.0: a food metabolome database dedicated to dietary phytochemicals
12.15-12.30 Alice Matone (COSBI, Rovereto, IT)
Role of CPS1 and urea cycle in weight maintenance: results from the Diogenes project

12.30-14.00 Lunch and poster session 2

14.00-18.00 Satellite meeting: Qualify
Stakeholder Workshop: EuroDISH WP8

16.00-16.30 Tea break

18.15-19.45 Session 6: Applied Omics in the field of Nutrigenomics –
Chairs: Elisa Cirillo (Maastricht Univ., NL) & Davina Derous (Univ. of Aberdeen, UK)
18.15-18.30 Veronica Valli (University of Bologna, Bologna – IT)
Modulation of adipocytes differentiation and prodipogenic genes expression by different bioactives
18.30-18.45 Sindre Lee (University of Oslo, Oslo, NO)
Secretome analysis using RNA sequencing following physical exercise
18.45-19.00 Catalina Cuparencu (University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, DK)
Untargeted metabolomics reveals urinary exposure biomarkers for intake of berries.
19.00-19.15 Amanda Lloyd (University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK)
Applied metabolomics approaches to discover food-derived metabolites in human bio-fluids
19.15-19.30 Marie Pier Scott-Boyer (COSBI, Rovereto, IT)
Proteomics responses to oral dietary challanges

20.00 Dinner

Thursday, 11th September
09.00-10.30 Session 7: Personalized food in health maintenance
Chair: Keith Grimaldi (Eurogenetica, IT)
09.00-09.30 Hannelore Daniel (Technische Universität München, Freising-Weihenstephan, DE)
Personalized food: science and visions
09.30-10.00 Mike Gibney (University College Dublin, Dublin, IE)
Personalized nutrition: opportunities and challenges
10.00-10.15 Marijana Radonjic (EdgeLeap, Utrecht, NL)
Organizing and integrating diverse data to improve decision making in health and nutrition research
10.15-10.30 Carlos Celis-Morales (Newcastle University, Newcastle, UK)
Baseline characteristics and validation of the Food4Me Proof of Principle study: a Pan European web-based randomised controlled trial of personalised nutrition.

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-12.15  Session 8: Personalized health
Chairs: Ben van Ommen (TNO, NL) & Baukje de Roos (Univ.of Aberdeen, UK)
11.00-11.30 André Boorsma (TNO, Zeist, NL)
The Nutritional Research Cohort; a new paradigm in nutritional research?
11.30-12.00 Ernst Hafen (ETH, Zürich, CH)
Health data cooperatives: towards the realization of P4 health
12.00-12.15  Susan Wopereis (TNO, Zeist, NL)
Ranges of phenotypic flexibility in 100 healthy subjects
12.15-12.30  Frode Norheim (University of Oslo, Oslo, NO)
Regulation of angiopoietin-like protein 4 production during and after exercise.
12.30-13.00 Wrap-up NuGOweek 2014
Announcement NuGOWeek 2015
13.00 (Take away) lunch

13.00-15.00 6th NuGO Participants Assembly
14.00-17.00 Satellite meeting: Food4ME
14.00-18.00 Satellite meeting: Qualify

Friday, 12th September
Satellite meeting: Food4ME