NuGOweek 2019 program at a glance

Saturday September 7 2019 – Monday September 9 
PhD course on nutritional metabolomics

Monday September 9
Start NuGOweek 2019
Evening Introductory lecture – Climate change, nutrition and health

Tuesday September 10
Morning Session 1 – Food and diet composition
Afternoon Session 2 – Food and diet intake

Wednesday September 11
Morning Session 3 – Food and diet: metabolism and function
Afternoon Session 4 – Nutritional epidemiology

Thursday September 12
Morning Session 5 – Public health nutrition strategies: toward personalized nutrition?
End NuGOweek 2019

Afternoon Satellite meeting
Filling the gaps in nutrition research: the views of stakeholders
(organised by the National Committee of the International Union of Nutritional Sciences)

Friday September 13
Annual meeting of the Swiss Society for Nutrition in partnership with NuGO