Practical information

Practical information can be found here

Electricity and plugs
Current throughout Switzerland is supplied at 230 volts. Type C (euro plug, two-pin) plugs and type J (three-pin) plugs are used. The type F (“Schuko”) plugs widely used in Europe cannot be used without an adapter.

All prices are given in Swiss francs (CHF). Euros and US-Dollars are accepted at some (larger) locations however the exchange rate might be disadvantageous! Credit and Debit cards are accepted at most stores. It is usual to pay cash.

The general price level in Switzerland is high. For a coffee you have to spend around 3 to 5 CHF, a beer will be around 5 to 9 CHF. A standard dinner à la carte starts at 15 CHF, a three-course menu starts around 30 CHF. Exchange rate: 1 CHF ~ 0.88 Euro

Tips are generally included in the price for all services. However, in restaurants it is usual to round up the bill by a reasonable amount.