Updated programme: August 4th, 2017
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NuGO week 2017:
Molecular nutrition–understanding how food influences health
Monday, 28th August

Monday, 28th August
16.00 Registration
18.00  Opening NuGOweek 2017
Diana Ivanova –  Welcome and opening
18.20 Session 1a: Precision medicine
Chair: Diana Ivanova

Yves A. Lussier, University of Arizona, US –  Dynamic changes of RNA-sequencing expression for precision medicine: the n=1  pathways approach
19.00 Introduction of new NuGO member organisations
19.45  Welcome reception at the Palace Hotel Restaurant

Tuesday, 29th August
09.00  Session 1b: Precision medicine 
Chair: Diana Ivanova
09.00 Xu Lin, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, CN – Linking of Omics-based biomarkers with nutrition and metabolic outcomes in Chinese
09.40 David S. Wishart, University of Alberta, CA Development of an assay for dietary and exposome measurements for Precision Medicine.

10.20 coffee break

11.00 Stefania Noerman, University of Eastern Finland, FIApplication of non-targeted metabolic profiling to reveal potential biomarkers linking egg intake and previously observed lower risk of developing type-2 diabetes in middle-aged men.
11.20 Siva Charan Sri Harsha Pedapati, University College Dublin, IE Metabolomics approach to identify biomarkers of peas intake
11.40 Kenneth Westermann, JM-USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, USDNA methylation-based cardiovascular risk assessment with applications to nutrition

12.00 Poster Session 1
13.00 Lunch

Break;  Optional: Guided visit of the Varna Archaeological Museum and City Centre Tour  http://www.archaeo.museumvarna.com/en/

16.00 Session 2: Early Career Investigators Session
Chair: Lorraine Brennan
16.00 Sonja Lackner, University of Graz, ATDifferences in skin carotenoid level with regard to subcutaneous adipose tissue thickness in patients with Anorexia Nervosa
16.20 Britt Blokker, University of Eastern Anglia/Quadram Institute Bioscience, UKDietary fibres regulate bile acid metabolism independent of the microbiota by suppressing the production of signalling molecule Fgf15 in the ileum
16.40 Jarlei Fiamoncini, INRA Clermont-Ferrand, FRIn silico prediction of metabolism as a tool to identify new metabolites of dietary monoterpenes in rats
17.00 Desislava Ivanova, Medical University Varna, BURelative gene expression of SIRT6, FOXO4 and HIF3A in patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer
17.20 Krasimira Alesandrova, DIfE, DENutrition and gastrointestinal cancer: an update of the epidemiological evidence

17.40 break

18.00 Session 3 : Adipose and related tissues
Chair: Richard Mithen
18.00 Christian A. Drevon,  University of Oslo, NO –  Adipokines and myokines are important for several biological effects of adipose tissue and skeletal muscle as well as health.
18.40 Anna Weiser, Technical University Munich, DEAcylcarnitine and amino acid profiling in plasma and tissues of NZO mice as a model for obesity-induced type 2 diabetes
19.00 Sindre Lee, University of Oslo, NOImpact of short and long-term exercise training on branched-chain amino acid turnover and insulin sensitivity in pre-diabetic and normal weight humans
19.20  Renate Luisa Barbosa Yanez, German Institute of Human Nutrition, DEEffect of low carbohydrate / low fat dietary intervention on gene expression  of glut transporters in abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue of type 2 diabetes patients

free evening

Wednesday, 30th August
09.00 Session 4:  The application of phenotypic flexibility in nutrition research
Chair: John Mathers
09.00 Hannelore Daniel, Technical University Munich, DE –  Identifying metabotypes: the challenges from NutriTech
09.40 Suzan Wopereis, TNO, NL – Data integration and phenotypic flexibility

10.20 Coffee break

11.00 Charlotte Michielsen, Wageningen University & Research–Human Nutrition, NLEffects of a diet high in MUFA and a Mediterranean diet on serum metabolic profile: a randomized fully controlled trial (MARIS).
11.20 Aaron Novikoff, Technical University Munich, DEEmbracing the Uncorrelated: Dynamic Time Warping for the exploration of high dimensional time-series metabolomics data from the HuMet study
11.40 José Fernández-Calleja, Wageningen University & Research-Human & Animal Physiology, NL – Monosaccharides in post-weaning diet of young mice program body composition and feeding behaviour in adulthood

12.00 Poster Session 2
13.00 Lunch

Break;  Optional: Guided visit of the Aladzha Monastery  http://www.archaeo.museumvarna.com/en/other/2

16.00 Session 5, Diet and cancer prevention
Chair: Baukje de Roos
16.00 Richard Mithen, Institute of Food Research, UK – Integrating transcriptome and metabolome signatures to provide new insights as to how diet can prevent prostate cancer progression.
16.40 Young-Joon Surh, Seoul National University, KR / President Asia Pacific  Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics Organisation (APNNO)Anti-inflammatory, proresolving and cancer chemopreventive effects of  docosahexaenoic acid and its metabolites

17.20 Break

18.00 Bistra Galunska, Medical University Varna, BUVitamin D beyond the bone
18.20 Ye Kyung Na, Sungshin Women’s University, KRChemopreventive effects of dially trisulfide derived from garlic
18.40 Lynn Vanhaeke, Ghent University, BEDNA adduct markers associated with the gastrointestinal digestion of red meat

20.00  Conference dinner at the Palace Hotel Restaurant with poster prize announcement  and night party on the beach at Tahiti beach bar near the Palace Hotel  http://www.sunnydaybg.com/Restaurants-4en.html

Thursday, 31th August
09.00  Session 6: New development in (nutritional) genetics
Chair: Christian A. Drevon
09.00 John Mathers, Newcastle University, UK – The future of nutrigenomics
09.40 Leta Pilic, St Mary’s University Twickenham, UKSalt sensitivity: genetic and physiological markers and its effect on salt taste perception and intake
10.00 Marietta Rodriguez, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, PH – Genotype frequency in the β-carotene conversion to vitamin A: Implications on reducing vitamin A deficiency

10.20 Closing session
            Wrap-up NuGOweek 2017
Announcement NuGOWeek 2018
11.00 Lunch (to go) and NuGO General Members Meeting

Afternoon:  FoodBALL project meeting

Friday 1th September
FoodBALL meeting continued