NuGO Exchange grants – 2018 call (1st deadline)

During the 10th General Members meeting (Varna, Bulgaria) we discussed how to proceed with the NuGO Exchange Grants. We heard opposing views:
– Stop with this activity as it is too complicated for project leaders to handle it!
– Continue with this activity as it was listed 2 years ago as one of the important assets and it is simply not sufficiently known within NuGO!
In the November 2017 Management Board meeting it was decided to launch a 2018 call.

Characteristics 2018 call

  • Total funding per exchange is € 3.500. This includes travel costs, board and lodging, and research costs if applicable, for travel to/from the member organisations in China, Australia and New Zealand we add € 500 for travel
  •  Minimum stay should be 10 working days, if combined with a conference visit then these conference days do not count
  • Max 1 application per member organisation, incoming and outgoing combined
  • Funds are available for 6 exchanges of the 26 March 2018 deadline, it is the idea to have a 2nd deadline later in 2018.
  • The exchanges are foremost meant for temporary staff working with a NuGO member organisation (PhDs and postdocs < 5 years after obtaining their PhD). The host organisation should be a NuGO member organisation.
  • Evaluation of this call during the next General Members meeting (3 September 2018)
  • Deadline for applications: Monday 26 March 2018
    Applications should consist of a CV of 1- 2 pages and a description of the work to be done including the relevance for parties involved (1 page).

To foster the exchanges:
–  All NuGO member organisations get the opportunity to list in a few bullet points their expertise and topics on which they would like to host exchange visitors (max 10 lines of text).  These texts will be available on NuGO net by January 2018 (responsibility of the formal representatives of each member organisation that text is send as soon as convenient to
– The Early Career Network (ECN) will host a webinar for ‘young NuGO’, during this webinar a recipient of a NuGO exchange grant will present the outcome of an earlier NuGO exchange.