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Signal proteins related to diet & exercise
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International course on
'Signal proteins related to diet and exercise'
June 10-12th, 2014, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway

It is overwhelming evidence that regular physical activity and a healthy diet protects against several types of diseases including certain types of cancer, depression, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis. These beneficial effects may be due to an improved energy balance and less ectopic fat, but they might also be explained by a beneficial shift in peptide signals released from the skeletal muscle and adipose tissue.
Myokine biology is about to unravel totally new concepts for how skeletal muscle as the biggest organ of the body, may influence whole body physiology and health. The term myokine is used to describe proteins released from skeletal muscle that can execute important biological functions locally in the muscle (paracrine) or in other organs like the brain, heart and intestine (endocrine). White adipocytes are also secretory cells releasing several hundred proteins known as adipokines, capable of regulating energy metabolism, fertility, appetite, angiogenesis, immune response, lipoprotein metabolism, bone development, glucose metabolism, vascular haemostasis, and tissue growth and differentiation.

Course aim
In this course, attendants will learn about the field of signaling proteins related to diet and exercise, and they will present their own data. The course also aim to increase collaboration between the research groups across Europe.

Target group
PhD students, Postdocs and other researchers interested in the topic signal proteins related to diet and exercise.

Course design
The course will be mainly composed of lectures with ample opportunity for discussions. There will be short presentations of the research (plans) of the participants.

Programme topics
The following topics will be covered:
* Adipo-myokines – definitions and implications
* Design of exercise interventions for the study of myokines and metabolic parameters
* The study of adipo-myokines in relation to physical activity
* The contraction-regulated myokine decorin activates muscle hypertrophic pathways
* Angptl4 as an adipo-myokine-hepatokine
* Memory of exercise exposure in skeletal muscle
* Design of nutrition studies on myokines and adipokines
* Cultured myotubes as a model for metabolism and myokines
* The importance of and biology of intracellular lipid droplets
* Lipid droplets in skeletal muscle
For more detailed programme visit [programme]

Social programme
* On June 10th a walk to the Vigeland museum and the course dinner will be organised.
* On June 11th we end with food and group activities focused on scientific collaboration.

Course coordinators
Prof Christian A. Drevon, University of Oslo, NO
Dr Frode Norheim, University of Oslo, NO
Mrs Ingeborg van Leeuwen-Bol, NuGO Association / Graduate School VLAG, Wageningen University, NL

Other faculty
Prof Jurgen Eckel, Integrative Physiology Paul-Langerhans-Group German Diabetes Center, Düsseldorf, DE
Prof Sander Kersten, Wageningen University, NL,
Prof Jørgen Jensen, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, NO,
Prof Kristin Eckardt, Prof Kristian Gundersen, Prof Arild C. Rustan, Dr Knut T. Dalen, Dr Torgeir Holen, University of Oslo, NO

Date & duration
The course will be held from Tuesday 10th 2014 (start 12:00hrs: lunch) till Thursday 12th June, 2014 (end 12:30hrs: lunch).

Study load and language
25 hours, equal of 1 study point. The course will be conducted in English.

The course will be held at the University of Oslo, Domus Medica.

* A number of hotel rooms have been blocked at Thon Hotel Ullevaal Stadion for course participants, but only until 15th of May 2014. Accommodation costs are 1200 NOK (~€144) for single room and 1400 NOK (~€168) for double room (incl. breakfast) per night. For information visit: http://www.thonhotels.com/hotels/countrys/norvege/oslo/thon-hotel-ullevaal-stadion/. Participants have to book their own hotel room by sending an e-mail to ullevaalstadion@thonhotels.no. Please mention booking code 9701473.

* A number of hotel rooms have also been blocked at Comfort Hotel Xpress for course participants, but only until 15th of May 2014. Accommodation costs are 850 NOK (~€102) for single room and 950 NOK (~€114) for double room (excl. breakfast) per night. For information visit: http://www.comforthotelxpress.no/. Participants have to book their own hotel room by sending an e-mail to co.express.oslo@choice.no. Please mention booking code 1104R093411. This hotel is located downtown. Take tube number 3, 4 or 6 to Forskningsparken or tube number 1 to Gaustad and walk to Sognsvannsveien 9, 0317 Oslo.

Contact information
Information concerning the course contents can be obtained from Prof. Christian A. Drevon:
E-mail: c.a.drevon@medisin.uio.no
For questions about your registration please contact Mrs. Ingeborg van Leeuwen-Bol:
E-mail: ingeborg.vanleeuwen-bol@wur.nl

Registration, course fee & number of participants
The course is free of charge. Coffee/tea during breaks, lunches, course dinner (June 10th) and food during group activity (June 11th) will be provided by the organiser.

The number of participants to the course is limited to 30.
The final registration date is April 30th, 2014. Applications will receive that day a confirmation of their acceptance and receive further course details.  Registration is closed

Grant applications are closed

* NuGO
The Nutrigenomics Association (NuGO) will make grants available for PhDstudents and Postdocs of its partners to participate in this course [visit grant information] for detailed information about these grants.
The Graduate School VLAG will make grants available for PhDstudents affiliated with VLAG to participate in this course. Please contact Ingeborg van Leeuwen-Bol
E-mail: ingeborg.vanleeuwen-bol@wur.nl