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* NuGOweek 2014 in major italian press agencies
Health: CRA organizes conference on nutrigenomics, how to 'cure' with food. Increasing research interest on diet-health relationships
CRA: novel frontiers in international nutrigenomics research coming from the NuGO conference.
Food: CRA, novel frontiers in nutrigenomics research.

* NuGOweek 2014 held from 8-11 September 2014 in Castellemmare di Stabia, Italy
Poster Prize Winner: [
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Annual Report 2013

NuGO is an Association of Universities and Research Institutes focusing on jointly developing the existing research area of nutrigenomics and nutritional systems biology. NuGO evolved from a EU Sixth Framework Network of Excellence, and is now expanding to global dimensions. You can join via an Institutional membership.

NuGO has two major objectives
  • Stimulating developments in nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and nutritional systems biology, and incorporating these aspects in nutrition and health research, by joint research projects, conferences, workshops and training. NuGO can join as partner in your research project.
  • Shaping the nutrition bioinformatics infrastructure, by initiating, coordinating, facilitating projects in this area and by hosting and disseminating all data, results and information in this area.
Announcement with respect to the availability e-learning modules as of 1st April 2012 
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